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The curiosity of learning always strengthens us.
Make it a habit!
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Wladimir Rojo is a chilean independent artist, composer and music producer who is involve into creativity and believes in sharing knowledge to make easier the task of an artist in their field. You can find more about him on Youtube and his projects on this website and on digital music distribution platforms of nowadays.



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Private Classes

Sometimes a very effective way to learn is having a guide, who gives you exercises focusing on your needs, custom-tailored. Music Theory and Music Production just for you.

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Music Production Consulting

The music production process could be confusing, especially when you’re starting your own projects by yourself. Every step is full of possibilities, from Composition to Mastering, and the best way of solve this problem is channeling your needs.
Don’t hesitate to ask for consulting!

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Mixing Engineering

Using professional techniques and equipment on the market you can give to your music an enormous potential, accomplishing with the standard for physical or digital productions. The mixing service has prerequisites, to achieve an optimal and professional result. For that reason we kindly ask you to review our guide in this page.

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And More

Music in general encompasses many artistic areas, and as a Music Producer you should always find solutions to your needs. In case of not covering the area you are looking for, there is the possibility of asking for consulting with related artists.


Val - Ashes (2022)

Micro Musical: A MI MANERA (2021)

Ignacio Lyon - Yo Sé Que Aún Estás (2021)

Val - Forget (2020)

Val - Hold Me Again (2020)

Val - Truth (2019)

Battlerage - Dream in Darkness (2018)

Wladimir Rojo - A Night of Mourning (2017)

Older Projects (2009 - 2017)

It's not always about mega productions,
it's about creativity.

If you have something to say,
now is the moment.
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logos of windows, apple and jBridge in 32 bits and 64 bits
jBridge - VST 32/64 bits

For those who have compatibility problems, I give you simple and beautiful solutions through this blog…

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picture of an audio event mounted in Cubase and a VST meter opened
Loudness war? - VST Meter TT DR

Have you ever wonder why my mixing sounds way different to music is sounding nowadays?, what is wrong with it?…

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a direct box in the background and a Cinemag audio transformer in front
Direct Box - DI Info

I just wanted to post something related to Direct Box because it plays a very important role nowadays in Music Production…

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On the left there's a piano roll with many notes and on the right there's a sheet music full of musical notes representing boths images the concept of black midi
Black Midi - New Tech?

It is a type of music created to use as many notes as possible through a piano roll (midi)…

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Any request or question related to composing, mixing, mastering and lessons write me to this email info at wladimirrojo dot com.
Also, don't forget my social networks channels, where I upload content more frequently.
See you!